What makes a woman's physique "womanly?"Vicky Secret tells us the less flesh, the better. Pornography proclaims the biggest contrast between breast size and waist line gets the prize. Studies tell us men prefer, at the innate level, rounder hips, as they send the message of child bearing and femininity. The truth is, there is no right answer is there? When it comes to sexual attraction, it would simply be an act in futility trying to figure out what body type is mostly preferred.

What I have noticed is the trend in adoration of shapely hips and ample rears has spilled from the urban media to the mainstream. 20 years ago, "big butts" were exclusively considered the holy grail to Latino and black men. However, urban depictions of attractive, curvy celebrities have led the mainstream (white) American public to embrace a nice, healthy rear end.

The Brazilian Butt Lift, Butt Pads, Booty lifting work out videos; these and many more lucrative businesses have capitalized off America's undercover love for feminine curves. There's no doubt, the bubble butt in a tight pair of jeans is undeniably sexy and alluring.

I'm often asked what kind of women I prefer. Though I don't have a "type," I am certainly drawn to booties! There's nothing more sexy than a round apple bottom.

The days of "does this make my butt look big?" puns in movies are over. Nowadays, we're more likely to hear "Does this make my butt look flat?" Kudos to my companions who appreciate the captivating beauty of healthy representations of women!