Just a few things I'd like to address in reference to my new schedule and various other aspects of our little community and what role I play in it. Firstly, I've taken on a serious pursuit of furthering my education. It's proven to be a challenge, as I have always been a part time provider; now I will be even less accessible. Don't get me wrong--I love learning and academia at the higher level is quite stimulating. Unfortunately, I won't be able to recover from cancellations as I have in the past, because I won't be advertising nearly as much. I regret that I will have to make some changes to my policies concerning cancellations and time minimums. I will be moving forward with holding clients responsible for the the FULL donation amount if they have to cancel. (Most gentlemen have provided the full amount after a missed appointment and I'm grateful for their chivalry) I cannot block a segment of my and your precious time if there is a chance that I'll lose that time to a mishap in your schedule. Please advise.

    Secondly, I'm contemplating the requirement of a two hour minimum. This shouldn't be alarming to anyone, as most of my engagements are multiple hours. There are two reasons why I might choose to go this route: I prefer a more intimate un-rushed date where neither of us feel under pressure beat the clock. Multiple hours are fulfilling for everyone involved, as the extra time allows for more comfort. Secondly, a two hour minimum would allow me remain at an even lower volume. I'm by no means judging those who work at a higher volume than I. But for me, it's conducive to both to my business in a monetary sense and to my personal life to remain low volume and exclusive.
    Thirdly, I want to address the subject of reviews. Many are aware of my stance on explicit reviews. I am woman of taste and privacy who's not particularly enthralled with some of the language and descriptions of the so called "truthful" reviews. I do, however, realize that some feel they need reviews as a reference. Although, I'm flattered that some people have chosen to complement me in an open forum, I'm not going to confirm that everything that written about me and not written by me is accurate. If you need a reference in terms of whether I'm real or a professional provider, by all means;do so. But one should never assume that everything they read is non-fiction. I am a human being after all...and I can assure you that my experiences with everyone I meet will be unique. I think that's what makes a provider of high caliber. Happy New Year!