As popularity grows with any facet of entertainment, imitation creeps behind it's shadow. I've been lucky enough to have experienced this within my own industry. A couple witty clients of mine have sent me links to various other providers' ads and websites containing shamelessly plagiarized content from my website. We're talking full paragraphs actually copied and pasted onto another provider's ad from my own. Yes, I did mention that I'm fortunate enough to have been a victim of theft. My philosophy is one I've adopted from a dear friend of mine whom I confide in when I need a voice of clarity and insight to counter my sassy (yes I'll admit it) impulsiveness. I was borderline frantic, asking her what she would do in my postition, secretly wishing she would tell me she'd understand if I wanted to pour red paint on the people who stole from me. But my wise foresighted friend, as I surmised she would, said the six words that will forever change my coping philosophy as it pertains to conflict. She said "Don't put your energy into it." A subtle and strong reminder that I could choose to waste valuable time confronting my "admirers" but where would it get me?

People will always lack the ability to be original, whether they're escorts or nine to fivers. Inevitably, some will act on desperation overtly enough to steal the creativity of others. If growing more successful means that it's nessessary to gain some barnacles along the way, bring it on!  Conveying that I'm a genuine portrayal of my images and verbage on the internet will be challenging when there are little "Bianca DeLaCruzes" all about. But I think savvy, intelligent clients are able to differenciate between those who are genuine and others who choose a dishonest way of marketing themselves. As the popular saying goes, I'm often " imitated but never duplicated."