"So enlighten me"



~Answers to frequently asked questions~


This sure is a lot to take in. Why is your website so detailed?

Think of it as a filtering process. Those who take the time to read things through are the precisely the clientele I  wish to engage ;-)


Are you enhanced?

Nope. Cosmetic surgery isn't my thing.

Are you available now?

I'm rarely able to meet with anyone on a whim. Due to my outside professional career,  I prefer to plan in advance rather than being in a mad dash trying to accommodate last minute requests.


What is the purpose of a deposit?

Consider a small deposit your assurance that you will be dependable when it comes to the time of our session. Providing safe, high quality incall locations and travel requires following through on your end. Should you cancel before our session, the deposit ensures that I haven't taken a loss on time, hotel, and travel expenses. Should I have to cancel for any reason (very unlikely as I hold reliability at a high standard) I will return you deposit safely and discreetly.


What type of client do you prefer to see?

One who has positive energy and a polite demeanor. He or she should be articulate and professional; mindful and considerate. I can also appreciate a great sense of humor.

 I'm nervous about seeing a provider when I don't know what her face looks like. Why don't you show more of your face?

 My privacy is not only of great significance for my own personal reasons but for also my valued clients. I do attend dinners, and venues of entertainment. As a courtesan, and as a young lady with a full time professional career, privacy is paramount. Don't let my concern for anonymity deter you. If anything, it should be an example of how discreet I truly am.  I'm confident you will simply adore my look.


 Will my race or age prevent me from meeting you? 

I pride myself in being cultured. There are all kinds of people in society. Some are well intentioned while others simply aren't. I do not discriminate as I have met some wonderful and interesting people from all over the globe. As woman of foreign descent , I cannot justify excluding  someone based on his race. As long as you are respectful, courteous, and mindful of my time, guidelines, and safety, I am pleased to meet you. In reference to the age factor, I have wavered back forth on this issue and came to the conclusion that men under the 35 range are typically less experienced in treating a lady. Moreover, mature men seem to exhibit the desired decorum I look for when dating. For this reason I prefer men over 40. There are always exceptions though. If you happen to be younger than 35 and feel you can live up to the expectation of being a true gentleman please feel free to contact me.

 Do you see couples?

Absolutely. I require couples book a two hour session.  You wouldn't believe how fast time can fly when there are three of us. This will ensure a truly fun and intense experience with no rush. Please see my "contact" page for details.


 What is the purpose of screening?  

 I need to confirm that you are who you say you are, primarily for my safety. The value of discretion is paramount- so much so that I don't even use reviews for marketing. My screening process is designed to ensure that we are both comfortable with one another and more to the point, we both feel safe. 

I'm interested in outcall. How will you be dressed?

I don't walk into hotels wearing revealing attire. I will most likely be sporting a long professional coat with a dress underneath, slacks or a cover-up over a skirt ensemble. I will never wear jeans or sweats to our date unless it's requested, nor will my make-up be over stated. For sporting events, cocktail parties, dinners,  movie screenings, and class reunions, I dress appropriately in relation to what the potential event calls for.


How did you get into such a taboo line of work?

While pursuing my education, I briefly moonlit as an exotic dancer . Although it was exciting,  I favored the idea of a one on one, private encounter where I could be myself rather than putting on a show. Of course the monetary aspect was equally attractive. My interest in anthropology helped me to dispel some of the common negative connotations associated with sex work. I'd like to think of myself as a modern day feminist. I strongly believe that a woman should be able to  celebrate and explore her sexuality without being branded as lower quality, less desirable person with no moral cognizance . Studies have shown humans have an innate need for intimacy, much like the need for food, air, and water. Intimacy (not just sex) is what keeps us spiritually and emotionally balanced. When we feel an emotional void being filled, we begin to excel in other areas of our lives; professionally and socially. I truly feel there is value in this misunderstood and often exploited profession.