Encomiums to Bianca



~ I adore receiving special notes after

 our time together. Although I'm not fond of explicit reviews,

 a friendly letter letting me know

how you enjoyed our time

 (or something I could improve) is welcome.

-"I appreciate your integrity and class.

Trust and discretion are important to me in a lady.

You have excellent skills and are also very attractive so i would

like to repeat sometime soon." 

-"Bianca, wow, you are spectacular - very pretty, sexy and smart.  A great
combination.  I really enjoyed getting to know you."
-Chicago IL

-"Among many of your skills are those of being

a good listener and being very insightful.

I always enjoy my time with you no matter what we do"

~area withheld 

-"Hello Bianca, This is a little late but I want to

 Thank you for your kindness and warmth. It was truly my pleasure

I'm eagerly looking forward to more discussions, more cuddling,

 some quality time with you in the future. Possibly November during conventions.

Best to you!

Grand Rapids, MI 


--" Hotness! that was by far the most fun I've had in a long time.

 Still thinking about those pretty eyes and that amazing bootaaaay.

THANK YOU!!!Take care of yourself and that amazing body"

~Chicago IL


-"Hello Bianca, I'm writing you to say thanks for the terrific experience.

As an older guy, it gets harder to connect with women on a certain level. You are the first young

provider I'd seen in 25 years. I didn't really know what to expect.

Your website sucked me in but your maturity and lovliness over dinner just blew me away. After

dinner was, well unreal! Thanks again Bianca"!

~Chicago IL


-"Bianca, I really want to thank you for last evening. 

 It was just what I needed after the week we talked about. You could

probably tell I was a little nervous. You put me at ease. I hope you'll

 allow me to visit you again in the future."

~Grand Rapids MI


-"Phenominal. Thanks again, sweetheart. What a class act! And beautiful to boot. 

I don't do this often but when I do, I'll definitley be coming back to you. 

My knees are still knocking. Thank you so much."

~Boston, Mass


-"Cyndie, Thank you again or a wonderful time on multiple levels.

I hope to see you again"

~Chicago IL


-"Hey Bianca,

Do you remember when I said I haden't been with a woman in many years ?

Well, being with you and all the nice things you told me gave me a ton of confidence.

I asked a girl out and we've been dating for the past week. You did more for me than

you realize and I just wanted to thank you again. (I) really appreciate it, B. Thanks for being

so great. Hope you're well Boo. Peace"

~Chicago, IL


-" You are an exceptionally stunning young lady. 

I still can't fathom how a woman so young could be so passionate.

I thoroughly enjoyed your company, your sensuality, and your intelligence. 

I would like to see you again when you are in town. Please let me know when you venture this way again.  Take care, Cyn."

~Chicago, IL 


-"Your skin, your eyes, your curves. Baby, I'm lovin' it. Far better in person than I imagined.

Wow is all I can say- Bella Bonita LOL! 


~Traverse City, MI


-"Good Morning Bianca , Hope you got home safe last night. Thank you for a fantastic evening.

You were right. Of course you knew that  :-)  I did need it!! I woke up this morning with a

smile on my face. I hope you had a smile also."

~Petoskey, MI 

-"Bianca, I want to extend my thanks for your warmth and hospitality.

You're as kind as you're

beautiful. I understand that you prefer that

I don't write a review> I can respect that. I just want

you to know that if I were to write one about our encounter

 I'd give our time the highest ranking I

could.  Drop me a line when your're in town again.

I'd like to see you another time if you'll have me. XXX "

~Washington, DC


-"Hey Hot Stuff. I managed to catch my flight somehow (lol) 

 I'm exhausted but I had a phenominal

time. You exceeded my expectations. I hope you enjoyed yourself (and the snails ;-)  

~Providence, RI


-"Hi Bianca ! ______and me want to let you know how happy we are

 that we decided to go through

 with meeting you. We had been contemplating it for years

 and it was almost surreal that be bit the

 bullet. ______was impressed by how educated and articulate

 you were at drinks and I was just in

 awe of your beauty! You immediately put us at ease.

 Hopefully we'll be able to do it again sometime! Thank you!

~Chicago, IL